Bad Barware Bingo – The Rules

Yak Boots at MoMA

We have all rocked terrible looks. Maybe not Yak-hairball-boots with sweats at MoMA bad but if you were alive through the 80s I’m sure you tried to kick it in neon or crimped hair. MC Hammer pants anyone?

As we venture forth on Fridays into the scene of humanity and hilarity that can be found at our drinking establishments I think a little added degree of intentional enjoyment is in order. I give thee:


After some hilarious “which is worse” conversation regarding Uggs or Crocs with socks, I decided to try to start a little friendly competition. See if you can spot and take a picture of some bad bar fashion.

So here is the deal:

  • I’ll tweet out a prompt on Friday Evening around 6pm with the #badbarwarebingo hashtag.
  • You have all weekend to find the best (worst) instance of the offender.
  • Snap a pic and upload with the same hashtag.
  • Winner will be announced on Monday.
  • Fame and glory are yours for the week.
  • Profit. (not really)

Yes it is judgmental but I hope not mean-spirited. Look, if you want to be in a jean jacket with an airbrushed tiger on the back – rock on! (I’ve been known to kick back a pint in my Vibrams and a LBD) If we are secure in our moments and style we ought not care if a few silly people on the internets determine it is bad barware.

If you have a suggestion for a bingo, tweet me, but no cheating – if you suggest it you can’t win it.

Good luck and may you be amused by the world around you as seen through the lens of a well-poured pint.

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