Linkage: Unplugged Weekend Edition

A night for reading This week is going to be relatively light because I have been trying a little “unplugged” experiment since Friday…. Ok, ok — truthfully I finally cracked open and have gotten way into Chris Moore’s new book Sacre Bleu. After finding a new place to get a good cup of joe and read this afternoon, I’m anxious to head to a new pub with hopes to do the same. So in hopes that you find an unplugged way to spend the waning hours of this holiday Sunday or whatever day you find these links, I’ll be brief:

Intentional Enjoyment:

If you do watch one thing from the webs before heading off for fun, make it this animated reenactment of the incredible true story of how Pixar almost lost Toy Story 2 due to 4 keystrokes — and how it was recovered thanks to mommy working. (via @pourmecoffee)

Amazing, lovely old pictures of NYC (yay archives!)


Fantastic message(s) and stick around to the end of this video – one that can combine skateboarding and Shakespeare is worth a watch.

Daring to change (slowly) and daring to branch out a little (kudos to Matt at NMA for doing both).

Also from NoMeatAthlete, online tribes of athletes: “Real people. Real connection. Real stories.” and “Every day, someone new is finding help, or inspiration, or encouragement to change their life and their impact on the planet through this tribe. That is beautiful. And meaningful.” I personally am thankful every day that I have found these communities that are changing the world:

Joel retweeted out his thoughts on the difference between a bucket list and an “impossible” list (which was the inspiration for my journey list. The whole thing is good but particularly this: The purpose is to stretch yourself to do things you never thought possible, regardless of other people’s opinions on the topic.

And if you’re like me, you might be looking for more kick ass women to follow online.


Google has revamped their search protocols again, trying to make it more communal and relative.

See also Google Knowledge.


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