Curate and Create Linkage

You are beautiful cartoonA new dad himself (Happy Father’s Day all!), Jeff Goins’ Writer Series - Steal – Day 6 held this gem:

“A good writer curates. She scoops up all the little pieces of inspiration around her, melding and mashing them, putting it all together in a hodgepodge mosaic that makes something new.”

I aspire to be this. At the same time, I reject the idea of taking it so grandly.

If I shift my thought to accept that I create and not just curate, maybe I can be more comfortable wearing the mantle of “writer.” For now, I like being a smoosher and blogger.

It happily stretches and challenges me to connect this to that, contemplating and dissecting experiences, to tie it all together into linkage or my posts. Mucking about like it is arts and crafts instead of a oh so serious craft, gives me great pleasure.

This is my virtual sandbox. CBB is my little corner of the Internet to play about in. I bring in the bits and bytes I find to create castles of ideas, bridges of thought, and impressionist abstractions.

A New Hodgepodge Mosaic? Maybe. But I just call it Linkage…

Intentional Enjoyment:

In case you haven’t seen it elsewhere, an update on Operation: Bears Good Cancer Bad.

Through the mysterious joy that is the Internet and Twitter, Dani saw my post about signing up for the Plummet at the Summit and decided so say “I’m IN!” too. We have so much in common, including reactions to that decision and WDS, it is quite scary . To have found another Internet (soon-to-be-real-life) buddy is definitely intentional enjoyment and a reminder that we are not as alone as we think we are.


Yeah, I’m linking my own content. A Post for Hack Library School on preparing for ALA — or any conference.

It is prime camping season, have you packed your most important survival tool: tampons?

This chart of the American diet explains so much and is so very sad.

Simple, straightforward, rules of the road for beginning cyclists.


“Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice.” Tracking our time and being more honest with ourselves and others by shifting “I don’t have time” to “it’s not a priority” (via @nerdfitness)

Haven’t gotten slapped in a while, about time. Name your fears.

How to Succeed by Seth Godin. On a side note: he had a typo in another post this week. It was a great reminder that our heroes are fallible.


Short Linkage (3_17_2012)

My ride this morning was long so the list this week will be short – totally makes sense. Plus my reading was light this week (so many at SXSW I think). I hope you are intentionally enjoying wherever you find yourself this weekend.


A reminder for the benefit of the doubt.

Tod Bol’s pop-up library idea takes off, bringing people together through book sharing (in honor of his mom with a fairly cool name). “It is all of ours.”

Creativity is a skill, not a innate gift.

Intentional Enjoyment

Speaking of creative… simple idea, good preparation, well executed and super fun: Light show and Guacamole.

Darth Vader plays the bagpipes on a unicycle. I have nothing to add. (via @pourmecoffee @marshallk)


Ruminating on digital curation, aggregation and attribution. Revisited this, to further educate this, and this.

I’m not sure I will start using the symbols but have and will continue to try to be a stickler for stating my sources or giving kudos with “via” and “HT” respectively. Your thoughts?