Browser 53 Linkage (2_25_12)

Stacks of Books

I know after my post on the reading-writing connection you have’t been doing any internet surfing and are instead broadening your mind and vocabulary with 19th Century Shipping Trades and Romance Serials. Right?

Thought so. You’ll be happy to know that I finished my book (highly recommend “A Visit from the Goon Squad” btw) and then scoured for the best of the week to share – because I care that much. (and now have a starting stock of 53 tabs of linkage to cull through for your next linkage edition. Oh Browser 2, you myth!)

Because of all your hard enjoyable work reading, we have lots of videos and inspiration this week. Starting with the funniest/geekiest/best fair-use video I have seen… well ever.

Intentional Enjoyment

Side hurting funny Star Wars.


A No Excuses, Kick in the Pants, Get Off your Tukus and Climb Your Mountain call: “Our purpose behind this… If you are unsatisfied with whatever conditions, circumstances are in your life then you have the choice to create the life that you want… Saying ‘Hey I’m capable of living more.'”  – Kyle Maynard a quadruple amputee who climbed Kilimanjaro. (worth waiting through the commercial)

Why – Nikon D4 Release Video. The most beautiful video I’ve seen on the web in a while. Spot-on message too.

One day I will have something similar to one of these beautiful private libraries. (In meditation the other day when guided to my “ideal place” I went immediately to the Costa Rica library.)

Lovely images by Robert Frank from 1958 for the Times. (yay Archivists!) Miss my city.

Man saves from his $6 a day earnings for 30 years to build his village a clinic (via @joelrunyon @legalnomads).


Film ABCs (via @brainpicker who has the answers here)

I found this list of 100 beautiful english words during my research this week. I don’t agree with all and a few of my faves are missing but thought it fun.

Tim Ferriss’s list of 10 Fiction Books for non-fiction readers. (Some new ones on me but I agree with “Ender’s Game” completely.)

I love this creative repurposing idea (and notice the erudite words the artist uses – not sure if I find it too pretentious or not). NYC Phonebooths turned into Communal Libraries. Be still my heart.


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Image via Flickr under CC license by pfala.

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