I am a triathlete

One race completed counts for the title right?

Ok Good.

199 ready to race

By the numbers:

1- Swim – You can do anything you put your mind and effort into.

2- Bike – Strangers are kind – especially in the running/biking/tri community.

3- Run – Be proud of yourself.

I likely will have a great deal more to say and feel regarding my first triathlon experience but it has been an incredibly overwhelming weekend of firsts and I just simply don’t have all the words right now.

Here is what I do know…

Any haters on this amazing group of athletes that I’m now so proud to BE IN, can suck my big left stinky-vibramed toe.

(2) Triathlete for a Cure

Jen is a cancer survivor and triathlete (who won her age group on Sunday) racing in 50 states before her 50th birthday to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Ladies, go for info, continue to get tested and be aware. Everyone, every little bit helps so please if you have $5 or more, a tweet or FB post to spare, donate to this worthy cause.

Had Jen and I just met as we were lined up to hit the water and shared underwear tips — as cyclists are apt to do — I’d likely still mention her worthy challenge and spread the word. Yet she was incredibly giving with her advice and encouragement, a testament to all that is good in sport, so I would be remiss in not giving her whatever help I can.

Then as proof of her generosity and the supportiveness of this community she went all epic on my noob behind. I said I had forgotten my goggles and cap at home. “You can’t go into the water on your first race without goggles,” she said.

With literally one minute to the first racer hitting the water — she ran out to her car to fetch and lend me a spare pair.

The amazing kindness of people you just met is astounding if we just open ourselves up to it. Please pay it forward. I will.

Triathlete Complete

(1) Finish.

So I forgot my goggles, had problems putting on my shoes, even be-speckled completely flipped out in the pool to the point of having trouble ducking under the water long enough to switch lanes… but… see that smile?

That is about all I remember.

I finished my first triathlon.

I see pride, I see power…

Not only did I finish, I was 4th in my age/gender group, less than a minute behind 3rd. I had it in me and should have pushed more. Still, I PRed the run but I held back on it and certainly on the bike in tremors of confidence on just finishing.

We often don’t get a chance to woot our own accomplishments. I don’t care if it is remarkably close to bragging: I finished. I did well. I’m putting it here. Yippy-kye-yay ME!

And like something out of sh*t athletes say: tri’s are indeed completely addictive. I’m looking towards my next one (likely olympic or international distance).

I need to give a huge shout-out to Joel Runyon and his Impossible Tri Guide for giving me the inspiration and information to go for it. Any mistakes I made were my own and non-heedent of his advice. I’ll be using the training outline to prep better for the next one.

Hepathalon Reward

Lastly and bestly, thank you for the many words of encouragement and woots from friends and acquaintances leading into the weekend and beyond. I carried them with me and they made a huge difference in the hard and happy moments.

A triathlete needs her carbs so there was, of course, celebratory beer.

Proudly yours,

Jo Signature

PS – Sorry Linkage was missing over the weekend. Between #killertribes, my first hostel experience, and the tri, I just was overloaded. It’ll be up mid-week or a double dose will come this weekend.

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  1. Hey Jo, Congratulations on completing your first triathlon!

    This is still something I have to cross on my bucket list (completing a triathlon) as I just run half marathons for now.

    The googles story was very cool. I have also felt the camaraderie on 21k races, I guess it’s that weird sense of belonging to the moment.

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the Cold Shower Therapy!


    PS. Sometimes when I feel I’m not going to finish a race, I just think about having that beer after crossing the finish line. Works every time.

    • Thanks Sergio!
      Half Marathons are impressive achievements, major kudos! I completed my first last fall and I actually was more beat after that than after the tri. I am constantly impressed by how friendly and supportive the general running/cycling/tri community is.
      I’m 8/7 (crazily took two in one day) on the showers and it is getting easier and harder. Wishing you continued success.
      Oh and the beer trick totally works for me too. I think it is the perfect way to replenish your carbs after a long race.


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  3. […] goals for myself physically — from that first race through 10K to the tri and now on to Savannah — provides real benchmarks to hit when there aren’t those guide […]

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